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Standards, Competitiveness and Development
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Course Theme:Growth and Competitiveness
Sub-Theme:Trade and Regional Integration
Course Format:Facilitated
Amount:US $ 0 (Course is free of charge)
Contact Name:Ravindra A. Yatawara
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February 03, 2014 - February 28, 2014
Application Ends On : January 27, 2014
This e-learning course examines the challenges and opportunities for developing economies associated with trading in a rapidly evolving and complex global landscape of technical regulations and standards. It offers analytical frameworks and practical evidence to identify strategic options for responding to higher standards related to agriculture trade, and for building effective food safety and agriculture health management systems in the face of multiple deficiencies and limited resources. It aims to increase awareness and dialogue among policy makers, regulatory agencies, NGOs, private companies, and other related stakeholders, so that optimal strategies and partnerships are pursued that meet goals of food safety, competitiveness, sustainability and poverty reduction in developing economies.

Target Audience:
Trade officials, advisors, analysts, and representatives of business and consumer associations from developing countries