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Trade in Services and Liberalization
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Course Theme:Growth and Competitiveness
Sub-Theme:Trade and Regional Integration
Course Format:Facilitated
Amount:US $ 0 (course is free of charge)
Contact Name:Ravindra Yatawara
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March 31, 2014 - April 25, 2014
Application Ends On : March 24, 2014
International trade and investment in services are an increasingly important part of global commerce. Technological developments in the area of information and telecommunication technologies have expanded the scope of services that can be traded across borders. Many countries have introduced private sector-led and competitive market structures in key infrastructure services, such as energy, telecommunications and transport. This trend has opened up new opportunities for cross-border investment in services. Services provided internationally through the temporary movement of individual service providers offer significant export potential for many developing countries and are already a well-established phenomenon in particular regions and sectors. After taking the course, participants will be better able to contribute to the formulation of their country’s trade in services reform and negotiating agenda.

Target Audience:
Trade officials, advisors, analysts, and representatives of business and consumer associations from developing countries