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Water Footprint - Concept and Application
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Course Theme:Climate Change
Sub-Theme:Towards Landscape Approach
Course Format:Facilitated
Amount:US $ 0 (course is free of charge)
Contact Name:Yu Huan
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Unlike oil, water is generally not regarded as a global resource. Often, the “international” dimension of water is recognized only in the case of transboundary rivers. The relationship between international trade and water management is not something that water practitioners generally address. However, water has long been traded in virtual form through the trading of agricultural or industrial commodities. To better understand this unique dimension of water management, new concepts, such as virtual water and water footprint, are drawing increasing global attention.

This e-learning course, produced and delivered by World Bank Institute, in collaboration with Water Footprint Network, and University of Twente, aims to provide you with an introduction to the concept of water footprint and its application. The course is made up of two parts: (1) five self-paced multimedia learning modules, each of which is around 45 minutes; and (2) online facilitated discussion forums. Participants are expected to devote a total of 8 hours to complete this course.

Target Audience:
Policy makers and professionals dealing with policies of water management, agriculture and trade; corporate executives concerned with sustainable water resources development and corporate responsibility.